Response to East Campus Bridge Incident

To the Latinx Community at Duke:

As you may be aware, an incident occured recently on the East Campus bridge. A celebration of Latinx Heritage Month was vandalized. It is imperative to the growth of our community that we acknowledge this incident and realize that it is not a random event. Racism and erasure of culture at Duke is a present issue and must be confronted.

The Bridge acknowledges that the mural was an artistic expression recognizing and honoring Latinx culture and contributions to society. Though this expression was attacked, it now reads “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” We affirm this declaration of resilience and continue to uphold art as a means to empower.

To the Latinx community at Duke, we are standing with you. To Latina members of the Bridge, we see you and we support you. Your place in our community is invaluable and we will continue to be a place to lift your voice.

In Power & Love,

Alyssa Cleveland

Duke Editor-In-Chief

Alyssa Cleveland