A Letter to my Future Son

From the moment you are born
You are a prince
Birthed from your mother, a queen
And your father, a king
In your veins runs the blood of a place
Where greatness come from
The most unique of the human race
A place where the sun shines to allows its people absorb every ray
Giving our complexion a different kind of glow every day 

You are beautiful
You have your mother’s laugh
Your father’s smile
The eyes of your mother’s sister
The wisdom of your grandfather
The heart of your grandmother

But I am fearful
I see you as royalty
The world will see you as prisoner
Shackled by stereotypes
Cuffed with the quality
That you are nothing but
The dead bug on the bottom of a shoe
Someone compared to a monkey in a cage
Who can be beaten, spit at, killed
Then forgotten as if you never existed

But as time shifts
I want you to remember
That you are strong
As the world strips you of your dignity
Keep firm in your faith
Every injustice you face
Is overpowered by your determination and dreams you chase

You are a hero
With the superpower of resiliency
Faced with adversity
You grow stronger and smarter
And be patient my son
For your freedom will come along