Eager and Intrigued,
He arrives at the door to pick me up.
A delicate bouquet of pink roses transfers from his hands to mine.
What a gentleman, he knows they’re my favorite.
He opens his car door for me, eases me in and we’re off.
Travelling the winding paths, he places his hand on my knee,
Quickly glances to the side and smiles at me.
I’m comfortable with him.
He’s the kind of person I’ve waited for.

At the dinner table,
He oozes with charm and glistens and gleams.
I’m laughing, relaxing and enjoying my time with this man
Over exquisite entrees and a nice bottle of Merlot.
I’ve already decided to tell my mom and friends about him.
He’s different from the others

He walks me back to the door where it all started,
Politely thanks me for spending time with him,
Tells me how much he likes me and
How beautiful I look. 
I fiddle with my keys,
He gets the hint.
Adrenaline diffuses through my veins,
as his lips part mine.
You really do like me.

Rustling, turning, entangling limbs,
I inhale you and you, I.
Gazing deeply into my eyes
You help yourself to my soul,
Replace what’s missing with your own.
And leave your energy within me. 

Heavy into my slumber,
My mind drifts sweetly into thoughts of the next morning
The messy hair,
The sweatpants,
The coffee, 
The pancakes, 
The sweet kisses,
The laughter,
Our future together.

The girl wakes up alone.
Confused and slightly scared of the truth,
She texts his phone.
No answer.
Seeking comfort,
She calls her mom and friends.

Tuesday afternoon,
Walking home from class,
The girl is astonished as her gaze arrives at his.
His eyes quickly depart,
Denying her recognition.
With her face flushed red,
She bites back the emotion
Obsesses over his empty promises and
Finally accepts what she meant to him.

Saturday night,
The girl’s Iphone lights up.
It’s the boy.
A pang of excitement shoots and her heartbeat quickens,
To only fall again.
As she squints at the bright message that coldly reads:
“Wanna come over?”
        2:43 AM