I Think Therefore I Am


Every day I wake up knowing I am more rare than a ruby
When God made me, he added a dash of kindness, 
A pinch of beauty and a soul of grace
So no one can take my place


My heart is made of gold
People say I am naïve
Trusting and loving to anyone because I believe
In the beauty of everyone even after they deceive   
Looking out for people more than I do myself
Seeing the good in people even when they
doubt the good in them


My skin absorbs every ray from the sun
To give the right shade of glow
Every strand of hair on my head grows
As if straw is being spun into gold
Like every other black woman
I grow like a rare flower
without any water and light
even in the darkness of society


I look to my future
And say F*** you to my past
Destined for greatness
Knowing I will leave my mark in the world
Destroying anyone and everyone
who never believed in me