A Letter to My Future Daughter

Part Two

You are a princess from the moment you are born

Birthed from royalty

Soon you will take your mother’s crown

Along with her eyes, her smile, and her laugh

You will be given two names

Amara since you are graced with elegance

Ngozi because you are a blessing to me and the world

Made in God’s image, you are a reflection

The sun kisses your complexion

Your brown eyes may be dark

But once the light touches them

A radiant glow shines revealing every beauty of earth

But I must tell you 

Though I see your grace 

Society’s standard of beauty will see you as a disgrace

Your skin comparable to ground dirt 

Your natural state as a picture of offensiveness to the human race

When you first came into this world

Tears streamed down my face 

Showing joy yet sadness

Because a wise woman once said

The emotional


And sexual stereotyping began when

The doctor uttered to me

“It’s a girl”

Remember what I tell you

You will encounter many feats but 

Do not be defeated

Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you

And I promise you 

Every dream you chase will fall into place

Part One: A Letter to My Future Son

Michele Nsianya