The Great Compromise

You don’t want to share me with me.

You want me to share me with you.

You want me to forsake my mind and my beliefs, 

To fulfill your perfect mold. 

You love me, right?

You want to make this work?

You press and you push.

I try harder, I give more,

Still, you complain.

Burdened by weight,

Overflowing with troubles and

Uneasy with your demands,

I continue forward ceaselessly

In order to prove myself.

Love is sacrifice.

If I love you, 

I will change me

So it is well;

Pleasing to your spirit and soul.

Disappointed again,

Your load unbearable,

I crack under the pressure

And worry turns into doubt.

Why is this so hard?

Why am I so heavy-laden?

Why don’t you yield to me?

Why do I surrender and submit?

For love?

For us?

For you?

For what?

“A man comes into my life and I have to compromise?

For what?” -Eartha Kitt

Taji Phillips