Angry Love Poem

Love, one of the single most complex ideas in the universe

To the guy who asked me, so who wears the pants in your relationship, fuck you

I’m sorry if a non-existent male figure makes you somehow uncomfortable or unsteady

Stop asking me about dominance because our preconceived notions must be different

You conceptualize masculinity and power and succumbing to the societal ideal that love will always come down to Adam & Eve

I believe it is kindness, respect and the amount of power you put into a relationship

How you’re willing to stay when times get rough

Stop questioning my love or my relationship, because I didn’t even know what love was until I met her

See love is waking up every morning with her on my mind

And going to sleep on facetime with the sound of her voice in my dreams

Her voice reminds me of pure joy

Love is seeing one another every chance we have

Love is holding her heart with scars from past lovers and choosing to honor it with everything you have

Its feeling her curves and knowing her soul

It is knowing her heart and mind and listening to both

Don’t tell me that love is one sided, because I feel the whole universe when I’m around her

Love is how her embraces feel like home

Safe, with a space enclosed of vulnerability

Love is us

No matter what society tells you otherwise

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