Dear Mr. Know-It-All

dear mr. know-it-all

you had me in the palm of your hand

the first time i felt desired

i shouldn’t have expected you to understand

but i did

after all,

aren’t you mr. know-it-all?

and i was just a silly girl

locked within confines

you were not

a child,


simply because i had values

you did not

aren’t you just the coolest, mr. know-it-all?

doesn’t everyone want to be your girl, mr. know-it all?

shouldn’t i be grateful for your attention, mr. know-it-all?

“i love you”

yeah, right

you loved my innocence

you loved being my first

you didn’t love


you loved


the power that i gave you

the power that you didn’t deserve

you took my hesitation as weakness

but didn’t you know that i’m powerful too, mr. know-it-all?

didn’t you know that i am

ten times

more courageous than you ever thought i was?

didn’t you know that i am


of loving myself in all the ways that you didn’t?

i did.

i still do.


Jacklyn Rojas