Tick Tock

To the grown ass man that catcalled me at a red light,

What did you think you were going to get?


When I sat there, jamming to Alicia Key’s My Boo on repeat, sipping on Mountain Dew and minding my god damn business

Who gave you the authority to invade my space and send me into a black hole of never-ending fear and uneasiness

You became a tick

All around me, in my hair, on my shoulders, in my mentality   

Watching every mirror in the hopes you were no longer behind me

And even when I reached home, your words were branded in my mind on repeat

“I know what else you can suck on pretty thang”

Suck on your ego, your ignorance, and your toxic masculinity

You are a sorry excuse of a man and your words will no longer control me

Time’s Up

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Ruth Fetaw