A Woman Who Comes a Whole

Do you remember the first time we met?

We danced all night like we were old friends.

We talked about our childhoods and our dreams.

Then sat in silence and swam in our dreams.

Before long you broke into song, and like rush of wind,

Nostalgia swept over us both.

We fell into each other’s arms and like a great song, we reached the highest of notes:

your lips found mine and we harmonized.

But like any great song we did not last forever.

I came to realize that I was a lead soloist deserving of an entire orchestra.

And you, you were content with only humming a bass in your spare time.

You were there only half-heartedly— in flesh alone.

When I in mind, body, and soul.

But I will not apologize nor fret,

About being a woman who comes a whole.

Note: I will continue standing in my light,

Even if that means I have to stand alone.

Takhona Grace