From Black Survivors

We are taught not to speak

Not to cry, or show our pain

Because we are never heard.

We are taught that we aren’t thinking straight

That we make up stories, that we create fake memories

But what’s crazy is that they always get away.

We protect one another

We know that it is only up to us to make sure we are safe

But where is our protection from everyone else?

We are portrayed as sexual beings

Our skin fetishized, our bodies desired

Our privacy constantly being violated and boundaries being crossed

So when we don’t want sex

They’re confused

Yet they still push

They tell us

Speak up

Don’t wait

They tell us

You were in a relationship, why does it matter?

They tell us

But you said yes to this

But you were dressed like this

But you’ve done it before

They tell us

Don’t ruin his life

What about ours?

Hayla Hurt