I Was Safe


The line between permissible and unacceptable exists only where you map the boundaries.

The fortress surrounding your temple was specifically designed to withstand any attack— except for the one vulnerable spot known only by you…

Rather, the one that was known by only by you, until others crept in.

Taking a chance on your first love was a mere ride on the wings of fate; but losing him— nearly a fatal crash to earth.

However, it was the running list of suitors that slowly crumbled your walls and demolished your temple from the inside out.

It’s easier to fight from beyond the gates than within the walls because your vulnerability is paired with a strength that can be so easily lost, and a fortitude that was once so easily gained.

So take heart and heed when I say your guards can’t always be trusted and your watchmen may not possess the sight to the detect a “friendly” knock at the door nor the fierce attack from beyond.

Because only you are truly in tune with your soul’s natural vibration that aligns with God’s calling for your future; for this is where you’re finally safe, and this is your home.

Azana Green