Netflix and Chill

Netflix and chill: a way to say, “let’s have sex” without being blunt.

See, that’s the problem with this generation. A lack of bluntness.

I want you to be nothing but straight up with me.

Not straight down,

Taleah Thumbnail.jpg

Straight left,

Straight right,

Straight up.

Stop beating around the bush and tell me how it really is.

I’m tired of wasting my time (although time naturally wastes).

I feel like my time is divine, and worthy of some explanation.

If you just want to have sex that’s fine, but we need to make sure that our thoughts are aligned.

I’m sick and tired of you saying that I can see other niggas when you ensure that you are the only nigga that I see.

And those other girls? You chase them with a quickness, as if the lust will go cold.

You wanna know what will go cold? My feelings for you, as soon as your inconsistency seeps through.

Netflix and chill: a way to say, “let’s have sex,” without being blunt.

Let me know what it is, straight up, so that you can be disqualified from my manhunt.