Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

Family Occasion #1: My sister and I enter and we are immersed in the x’s and o’s of our kin across generations

Auntie approaches sister and asks “Have you been exercising? You look bloated.”

Family Occasion #2: Cousin crosses the room to greet sister and says “You should lose weight, you’re getting bigger”

Family Occasion #3: People continue to pick out and remind my sister that her weight is simply a burden, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth

See my sister’s body is a temple that never asked for your prayers

Your opinions

These falsified expectations of beauty, tragic

Her body is a warrior that has survived several opinionated wars

She is strong, capable

She is everything I’ve always wanted to be and more

Stop making her lose the keys to the home that used to be hers

Because I will not allow you to tear down the foundation she’s been shaping for years

Who are you saving?

Because you see to think you’re throwing a life jacket in the midst of a tsunami, but the reality is that your words were the currents that drew her under to begin with

Sis, you are so much more than those ignorant expectations and troubling number scales

Your body is beautiful

And I’m sorry that anyone ever told you otherwise

~Ruth Fetaw

Ruth Fetaw