Five Stages of a Teenage Heartbreak


I loved you,

And that meant something

Because loving you was the scariest thing

I’d ever done,

And it’s not fair

Because I’m hurting,

And you’re fine.

How is that?



I’m too late

When I try to tell you how I feel

You’re too wrapped up

In her.

Too lost in her full, light-skinned body,

Her bright colored eyes,

Her easiness.

You must hate me

To love someone so opposite of me.



I was starting to miss you,

Starting to think about you,

Starting to think that I wanted you back,

That it could be better, different this time.

But then I saw your tattoo

In a picture you posted.

You had a tattoo across your chest,

The chest

that I used to rest my head on,

The chest that sounded a heartbeat that was just a little off,

You ruined that chest with this ugly tattoo

Of something I can’t quite understand.

I thought I once felt God in that chest,

And now I think there’s a cross there somewhere,

Lost in that tattoo

That will never fade away

Will never be the same

The chest that I loved,

The chest that somehow got my heart to slow down,

To speed up, to skip a beat

Just like yours

That chest that was once home

But that tattoo doesn’t look anything like something that I once loved

It never will again.



I realized

There was a time before you,

And I was happy then.

There will be a time after you.

And I will be happy then too.



I no longer remember

Who I was with you.

Thank you for making it easy

For me to let go.