Ancient siren of the deep,
Let me be the rock on which you stand
And the shore on which you sleep.

An ebbing tide arriving from the west
Marks the beginning of the end of the newest conquest.
Immeasurable intensity
of an unnatural tendency,
You will find peace in this violence
and a part in this symphony.

Let my words take control,
Guide your ship towards this stone
On which I suffer in the still of the silence all alone.

My singing
Leaves you sinking,
Into the dark confines of an eerie grave
Below the crashing ocean, its weary waves.
Leaving in your wake a body with no will to love and eyes that cease to see,
Down by the side of the sea.

Let my lyrics be your lifeline,
And my ode be your oar.
Let the words overtake you,
You don't need to fight anymore.
The water welcomes you down in the tireless deep,
Join your brothers below in an endless sleep.

I am waking from the nightmare,
and you're running out of air.
As you struggle,
I am drowning in the depths of my despair.
The song quickens in time with a heart's slowing pace,
Steady, still, then gone without a trace.

I am waiting.
I am dreading
the arrival of the next.
It is certain.
I am sure
He will end up like the rest.

Again, to be left alone.
She is but a prisoner to her swirling thoughts
And wrecked by her own deeds.
An island of unkempt desire and bouts of sudden misery,
A treacherous myth from another century.

But what if I were the beast cloaked in Beauty's disguise?
If only you could see what lies behind these big brown eyes.
Into the shell of my heart, hardened by the sea.
Replacing what has died down inside of me.
Look at the creature I have become, oh the creature I must be,
Down by the side of the sea.

Alesia Devlin