Left with All of None

I’ve gone down this road before…

With expectations, hopes, desires that will never be satisfied only

to leave me feeling empty.

Trapped inside a box I subconsciously built for myself so

this of course means I know the way out— I know

how to save myself so therefore why am I choosing not to.

Why am I banging on the walls asking for someone else to save me—liberate me from.


struggles I have only intensified for myself?

Or perhaps I’m just dreaming, or fantasizing in my head what I want to be

when I know it’s impossible and I know it’s time for me to take responsibility.

but when.

There’s so much out there to grasp and

wrap your head around before it wraps you like a constrictor,

and I know that and I know what to do and I know what I need yet I don’t

do. Much of anything.

So I’m tired and weary and ready to take hold

of my power. Embrace the limitless ways

in which I can be myself and rise in this world to make a difference.

Impact young girls and boys and steer them from the

path of no return so they can begin to embrace themselves

early. Fully entirely completely.

This is the instant where the golden flints

flicker in your eyes and connect you with a greater purpose

of being

for you finally have a direction and a flame that can never be extinguished.

Azana Green