We Hurt

~artwork by natalia mesa

~artwork by natalia mesa

We hurt

Those who love, hurt

Those who try, hurt

Those who care, hurt

We are human

We hurt

Father of two

Married to one

Son of two

In school despite it all

Divorced at 35

Mother of two

Married to one

Daughter of two

Confused by it all

Divorced at 39

They loved

They tried

They cared

They are human

They hurt

We carry the past

We protect those we love

And we forget

We are human

We hurt

He carries her

The mistakes, the betrayal

He protects his children

And he forgets

He is human

He hurts

She carries him

What could have been, what she missed

She doesn’t know her children

And she forgets

She is human

She hurts

Daughter to both

I love my father

And I love my mother

I see their hurt

I feel their hurt

I hurt

Aasha Henderson