The Story of [Y/N]

The city was crowded, gray, and sprawling

All around, buildings shot from the sidewalk.

climbing to heights unseen

Although the city seemed uninviting,

there was refuge hidden among its streets

There were museums displaying the brilliance of the human mind

Expansive parks teeming with foliage and innocent laughter

Benches by still water

Places where she could sit and think and breath

She walked alone through this city,

placing one foot in front of the other as she saw fit

She would make a wrong turn,

end up alone in some dark alley,

the air permeated with cigarette smoke

At times like these, she’d return home to her family

They’d hold  her until her courage returned

Other pedestrians called to her sometimes,

Asking if she needed direction

She listened occasionally

The advice of strangers sometimes lead her to a pleasant place

A quiet library

Other times she would end up somewhere distressing

A raucous party,

where she felt alone among the reveling hoards

From time to time she was accosted

People would shout

She was going the wrong way

She walked strangely

She should journey somewhere else

Particularly aggressive hecklers would try to grab her,

drag her to whatever dark place they had imagined

She fought them off


Day after day, she walked through this temperamental city

Seeking her personal solace.

Cameryn Goodman