Make Your Voices Heard on Offshore Drilling by Michaela Stith

In response to Patrick Gannon’s “We need both sides in offshore drilling debate” (Jan. 28), I wholeheartedly agree that the opposition to offshore drilling needs to become more vocal. It baffles me that our state government is so positive about oil, even considering the overwhelming consensus of our state’s citizens. Most North Carolinians oppose offshore drilling. Gov. Pat McCrory and Jenny Kelvington are aligned with corporations who want to make money off of our resources, give our jobs to out­of­state employees and leave us after only a few decades with devastated, ugly coasts. If we want the Governor to back off his energy initiative, we need to show him that we the citizens of North Carolina can give him an incentive that oil companies cannot.

McCrory is up for re­election and needs our votes. If voters tell him that his continued push for offshore drilling will force us to vote for someone better at the polls, he will take note. As Gannon wrote, going to public hearings is one way we can make our voices heard. You can also call McCrory at his office number, (919) 814­2050, and tell him that we will vote for someone else if he does not begin to represent North Carolina’s interests.

I don’t know about you, but I am calling right now.