My Top 5 YouTubers of Color (At the Moment...In No Particular Order)

We all know that undergraduate life can be rather stressful. Though it starts off slowly with syllabus week and ample events with free food, it quickly becomes hectic and time consuming, sending each one of us into a four-month-long existential crisis. In moments like this, I turn to the place where all my dreams can come true as my worries disappear. Yes, I’m talking about YouTube.

Below you will find a list of a few of the YouTubers of color who help me cope with the stresses of collegiate life. They are funny, intelligent, beautiful human beings who have been so kind as to share their creativity with the rest of us. Hopefully, you’ll like some of them too.

1. Patricia Bright

Patricia is a Nigerian-British YouTuber and has been blessing my laptop screen since 2010. In that time, she’s gotten married, had a baby, started her own business, created a lipstick with Mac Cosmetics, and written a book that will be released in November! She was the first African woman I ever really got to watch regularly (considering that I grew up watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon). She does reviews, makeup tutorials and a few vlogs here and there. Did I mention that she’s also got a savage sense of humor?

We always say that representation matters and seeing a woman of my skin tone become so successful both on and off YouTube serves as a reminder that I can do anything when I work hard enough.

2. Chella Man

Chella Man is a genderqueer, deaf, queer artist in New York who is currently transitioning using testosterone. On his channel, he lets his audience come along on this journey, discussing everything from top surgery, to navigating relationships, to going to the movies as a deaf person. My favorite part of his channel is watching his monthly updates since the beginning of his testosterone transition. It’s been really exciting to see him become more and more comfortable with his mind, body and soul connection. His relationship is also really cute! You can find him on other YouTube channels, including them., a channel dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of various queer folks.

3. Jenn Im

Jenn is a Korean-American beauty vlogger from California. I started watching her videos this summer and I’ve become - healthily - obsessed. I don’t know if I love her or her dog more, but you can find them both on her channel. She combines travel vlogs, fashion lookbooks and family videos together perfectly on her channel, giving her audience a holistic view of her life. Be careful, because once you start going through her monthly vlogs, you might not be able to stop.

4. GiGi Beauty

GiGi is a British beauty vlogger whose laughter and smile are infectious. I don’t wear nearly enough makeup to follow one of her tutorials, but I do love watching her relationship with her family unfold on screen. They are such a funny, lively and loving group to watch. I recommend finding a video with her brother, James, in it because his constant state of nonchalance is the most entertaining thing I’ve ever seen. I would also recommend any video that features her daughter, Amelia, because that child is the most precious thing since the discovery of Vibranium in Wakanda.

5. IISuperwomanII AKA Lilly Singh

I do not know how this woman manages to think up her video ideas. No two are the same, and she’s been active on YouTube since October 2010! I have to admit that I watched her videos a lot more last year than I do this year (you can blame Jenn’s vlogs for that) but she always pops up on my recommended list. As crazy as you may think some of her videos are, the truth is that a lot of her videos are relatable and the ones that aren’t (i.e. “Dating a Power Ranger”) are just a great way to pass the 10 minutes between your classes.

Like I said earlier, I watch a lot of YouTube, so this list only just scratches the surface of the channels that I could recommend (DM me for a list of more!). Hopefully, they’ll help you break up your hectic days. But remember this: YouTube aside, your mental health should always be of the utmost importance, so take care of yourself in whatever way works best for you.

Go forth and prosper.

Thokozile Zimba