The Chronicles of a Foodie: Durham Style

So, because I am a Dukie, a Dukie who rooted for Villanova in this year’s National Basketball Championship (sorry UNC ladies!) I figured I would not make the trip over to UNC, where Franklin Street was likely to be very sad, after a terrible (amazing) loss to Villanova (yay‼!). Instead, I stayed in good old Durham, and got to delve a little deeper in the place known as America’s Foodiest Small Town.


Restaurant: Pompieri Pizza

Menu Item: Margarita Pizza

Savannah Says: “As I mentioned before, I am a Jersey girl and a proud pizza snob. This pizza was surprisingly very delicious for the south! And to top it off, the very unique restaurant gives you scissors to cut the pizza yourself! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to a friend. The pizza could’ve been a little saucier, but overall I was pleased.”

Rating: 8/10


Restaurant: The Pitt

Menu Item: Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Bean Gelato 

Savannah Says: “I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan, but who wouldn’t be impressed with the size of this beauty! It was definitely a sight to see. But, like I said, I’m not big into chocolate cakes, which is the reason for the lower rating; However, I could imagine how a true chocolate cake fan would go to chocolate heaven after eating this cake!”

Rating: 7/10

Chandler Phillips