The Chronicles of a Foodie: Finals Week by Savannah Fusaro

What better way to get through finals than to bake! This week, instead of 

reviewing restaurants, I will hopefully inspire you to take a study break, and make 

some delicious treats to get you through your intense exam studying! (Note: I am 

not responsible for the extreme baking procrastination and drooling that is about 

to take place).

Baking Item: Rainbow Cake with Buttercream Vanilla Frosting & Sprinkles

Savannah Says: “A six layer colorful cake because why not! This cake was a real 

beauty, and even tastier than it looks! A great baking project to undertake with 


Rating: 100/10 (because I made it of course!)

Baking Item: S’mores Brownies

Savannah Says: “Ah-maz-ing‼! This was too good. I really have nothing else to 

say besides the fact that you need to bake this right now.”

Rating: 100/10 (Again – because I made it!)

Chandler Phillips