An Ode to Friendship

Me salvaste la vida
Con una mirada que lo dijo todo
O sea, cuando coronado con tu consuelo
Llego en una nido de luz

You are a shoe with Velcro straps
And you listen like the way water drips from the corners of a frosty glass under the blazing heat
You are a plant with a sun hat
You are the eager way a three-year old approaches a bag of chips
With a fistful in, and no mind for the mess to come
You feel like the time stuck between the losing of balance and the touch of the ground
You hug me the way the clouds hug the rain
You smile the way the ocean recedes after a crash of a wave
And you harbor a safeness I like to sit with

La amistad tuya se parece como un viento de abrigo,
Bastante estrellas para cubrir el azul marino del cielo

Stars and sky and clouds and stars
Let’s sit under the stars

by Eliza Moreno

Film, What We SeeEliza Moreno