The Dallas Mourning News

I choreographed this only
A few nights after tragedy hit my city. 
And at that moment when instant chaos
Spread down Lamar St.
I was not at home
Safe with my parents,
But with my friends in Uptown Dallas,
Which to my parents meant Downtown Dallas,
Which to me is my home where I created myself
And where others seem to create terror from the tops of buildings. 
That's our signature.

When I left the city that night
With my best friend, equally scared
The streets were quiet as we avoided
The city we loved.
Calls and texts left and right "are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
But we weren't. 
And as we drove home with heavy eyes
And heavy hearts
Aching for the city we knew like the backs of our hands
We had no words, only one. 

By Sam Moon

[Music: Manglehorn Lock and Key - Explosions In the Sky & David Wingo]