Effortless Perfection, A Facade.

Duke University, although it is a prestigious institution filled with extremely intelligent students, conveys an image of effortless perfection.  My sound piece strives to challenge this falsified "perfectionist" image that this institution has continued to promote through its lack of advocating self care over course grades, immensely rigorous curriculum, and continued promotion of the silent struggle-- the idea that if we don't talk about our struggles, then they must not exist. I truly enjoy this institution, however, I have chosen to pinpoint an aspect of this campus that not only has affected me, but an aspect that I immensely despise. 


In my sound piece, perfection is seen as one's involvements, achievements, and the little pockets of silence that are intertwined throughout this composition. Effort is portrayed as typing; with each encounter with another "perfectionist offender" the tireless typing becomes increasingly rigorous in order to illustrate this continuous fight and struggle for effortless perfection. This exertion of effort supports the fact that this idea of effortless perfection does not exist. Additionally, the climax of the piece illustrates the physical and mental toll that striving for effortless perfection will take on someone. The crying demonstrates the actual struggle that one endures in trying to maintain the perfectionist image. The sigh at the end of this piece demonstrates the realization that effortless perfection does not exist, and that perfectionism or pretending that everything is okay, paradoxically, takes more effort than sighing and surrendering oneself to the idea that no one is perfect.

Sascha Enders