Special thanks to Hildana Haileyesus for artistic design


highlight my skin.

illuminate my blackness.

transform me.

let it be known that I serve to complement the gold that kisses my skin, 

not the other way around.

God blessed me with this skin

& my blackness shall serve as art.


I am a queen.


the different shades we present to you are a present to you,

all beautifully wrapped in our own hue of brown and black and highlighted with red and yellow undertones.

they all come together to give you who I am.

these colors harmonize to form the perfect sonata of me 

but ONLY I can perform it


I’ve been living in this skin for as long as I can remember

so ONLY I can wear it to perfection 


I highlight my skin

I illuminate my blackness

I transform me 

l am a queen. 

Starr Walden