Romantic Love

Click on the sound of this Black beauty as you scroll through the beautiful images of it all. Experience the love.

My Cold Hands [ by Edom Tilahun ]

I’ve always kept my hands away because they’re always cold,

I kept my hands away from you until one day

You held them.

Gwen + Justin

You did not mind my icy fingers that scribble these words telling myself

This is not just another love poem because

You are not just another muse

And these are not just a pair of cold hands.

Adaiya + Usman

I cannot tell you how many words and lines I’ve crossed out and scratched up

Trying to articulate how much you

Move me my love.

If the winds rustled the fall leaves and trees danced to the music of your voice

 You’re a pebble in still water sending ripples through me, causing waves that I can’t quite describe you see  

Waves that go wild at the sound of my name from your lips

Waves that long to kiss the shores of tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after

Waves that chase forever because tomorrow and the many days to come could never hold you

My love.

Micheline + Jon

Before you ever called me beautiful

You called me brilliant

You crowned my resilience and bowed down to my patience.

So with you my happiness knows no bounds

You’re the stillness within chaos,

The rain of a storm that washes pain away.

You did not fix me or make me whole

You did not love me despite my fears and flaws, oh my love

You loved me for them.

Your fingers traced the map of the scars on my skin,

not to heal them, but to admire them because beauty needs no savior


Imani + Landon

With you my love

 I chase hazy sunsets and paint skies with oranges

 That aren’t sure if they’re more red than yellow.

I drown in unfiltered joy and brilliance and come up for air to raise islands out of salt water.

Lesley + Ehi

You look at the palms of my hands as though you were gazing at

Memories of us I carry with me every day and you smile.

You did not mind how cold my hands were.

You held them in yours until

I knocked down my walls, lifted the corners of my lips, looked into your eyes and

 felt my hands thaw. 

Photos by Edom Tilahun, Yemi Kolawole, and Alyssa Cleveland