Squad Love

Click on the sound of this Black beauty as you scroll through the beautiful images of it all. Experience the love.

Tenfold { by Alyssa Cleveland }

How did you know I needed to be lifted today?

But really, how did you all know I needed to be lifted today?

To attempt to describe your healing nature would do each and every one of you a disservice, but quite honestly, not speaking on your love would render its abounding power obsolete. 

Because with every joke you tell, the laughter erupting from my lips overpowers any and every heavy thought plaguing my mind. 

And with every conversation that stretches until the sky is deep shades of purple, the intimate tales we have shared are like a pact binding all of us, signed with trust and freedom. 

We are each vivid strokes of a paint brush and put together we are fine art. But I'd say we're more of a Basquiat than a Picasso - a little harder to understand, but I promise if you open your mind you will see how our collage of personas has the ability to begin new eras. 


James, Imani & Rayven

You have taught me how to fly. 

Not only were you my wings, but you were my willpower. 

And I don't know which of you pushed me off my cliff of comfort but does that really matter?


Peace, Milan, Yasmin, Kianna, Naomi Lilly & Kaili

How is it that you were the very network I needed to reach my potential?

We are like the rainforest in that way. 

Some of us thrive on sunlight and grow tall providing just the right amount of protection for the others to survive in the lower canopy. 

Better yet, we are a solar system of distinct personalities orbiting our sun with gratitude that her energy was fierce enough to pull us all together. 

We are balance and no weapon formed to tear us down shall ever prosper. 


Just as long as we are orbiting. And growing. And thriving. And surviving. And flying. And trusting. And laughing.