Mezcla de Melanina: Part One

Mezcla de Melanina is a three-part series that includes a gallery of photos and a podcast comprised of interviews of those featured, in addition to commentary by Eliza Moreno and Chandler Phillips, on the nuance of the Latinx identity that discusses the wide range of Latinx experience, and as an extension of the mixing of melanin. Come back Wednesday (April 19) for Part Three! Now available on iTunes - click here to subscribe and listen on iTunes Podcasts!

Click here for Part Two: Complexity.

Click here for Part Three: Community.

Note: It may take a few moments for the podcast to load.

The photos of those below are those featured in the podcast above. Listen, click, look, and enjoy.

Paola Gilliam

Maria Carrasco

Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Lizzet Clifton

Claudia Yatzkan

Aitza Briauna

Carlos Barrero

Jessica Mencia

Photographs and Interviews by Eliza Moreno

Podcast created by Chandler Phillips

Beats by Andres Mego