Mezcla de Melanina: Part Two

Mezcla de Melanina -- Mix of Melanin. In this podcast and photo series we explore the variation of both melanin and experiences in the Latinx community. Listen to the stories of people who have gone through very different journeys in identifying with the Latinx community. Their interviews reveal the complexities within Latinidad and that there is no one narrative that can embody the experience of what it means to be Latinx. Now available on iTunes - click here to subscribe and listen on iTunes Podcasts!

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Symonne Singleton

David Jimenez

Maria Paula Ochoa

Kristel Black

Alex Sanchez Bressler

Catalina Berenblum

Aurelio Falconi

Nayira Warren

Photos and Interviews by Eliza Moreno
Podcast created by Chandler Phillips
Music by Andre Mego