Mezcla de Melanina: Part Three

Mezcla de Melanina -- Mix of Melanin. In this podcast and photo series we explore the variation of both melanin and experiences in the Latinx community. Listen to our third and final set of stories from people from all spectrums of Latinidad, reminding us that there is not one, single narrative that can embody the experience of what it means to be Latinx, pushing us to stand up for the communities that surround us. Now available on iTunes - click here to subscribe and listen on iTunes Podcasts!

Click here for Part One: Diversity.

Click here for Part Two: Complexity

Samantha Garza

Annabel Maya

Erick Aguilar

Lilian Bravo

Norma de Jesus

Jair Oballe

Elizabeth Barahona

Daniela Lopez

Photos and interviews by Eliza Moreno
Podcast created by Chandler Phillips

Thank you so much to everyone involved!!