Mea Culpa

This is a short film about stumbling.

The poetry is a combination of prayer, questioning and hopeful musing.

Mea Culpa means "my fault". It is for those who feel like they keep falling over and over again in life. Those who feel like they are always taking 5 steps forwards, 50 steps back. Those who, in their own minds, tend to let their faults overshadow their strengths.

It is dedicated to my late grandmother who always lifted me up in prayer and would say "There are so many things to be thankful for". I wouldn't be where I am today without family, friends,mentors, counselors and kind strangers who God has put in my life to help me recognize my strengths and address my weaknesses head on. I encourage YOU to seek that support. It is invaluable.

This is an abstract film with a unique setting and poetry saturated with metaphors, so some of the elements I want to leave up to your imagination to interpret.

I loved creating this film. It is my very first short film and I definitely plan to create more!

I do not own this music.
Music Artist: Ravyn Lenae
Song: Venezuala Trains

Ashley Sapp