Black Love

Beautiful Brown skin

We weren't even supposed to survive

But we did

And here we are


Basking in the glory that is our love

Cornrows, dreads, fros

Malcolm, Martin, Angela

Cocoa butter


Our shades of black and brown are a type of armor that never seems to rust

You look at me and I see decades upon decades of love that is neverending

you look at me and my whole body gets weak  

You got this deep shade of brown in your eyes and every time i look in them, its like im falling in love with you all over again

Bc What we have is real

Powerful, exceptional

And I’m the only one that can hold you down for a lifetime

Because I know how hard it is to be ourselves in this world

You are my light in every dark sky

The Arizona sunset that fills up my whole world

Pinks, reds, purples, and blues

Breathtaking, warm and full

My Sunday mornings. Bedside I love yous. My best friend. My everything.

Our love never feels old when loving you is effortless

I’m here

Holding onto you, to me, to us   

For the thing we call love  

Ruth Fetaw