Chronicles of a Foodie: Portugal

Olá! This month I was blessed to travel around Spain’s friendly neighbor, Portugal. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I had never eaten Portuguese food before coming to Europe, and I am happy to say that I have been transformed! This. Food. Rocks. From the Port wines in the northern city of Porto; to the hearty meats in the capital, Lisbon; to the fresh fish in the southern city of Lagos; I was satisfied for sure. Portugal is truly a gem of a country, and anyone that has the chance should definitely visit for the sights, music, history, and of course: the food! All I can say is, obrigado Portugal! Eu amo sua comida!

What: Bacalhau com batatas (A potato quiche with codfish)

Where: Porto

Rating: 9/10. This was incredible! On a chilly day, it was the perfect dish to warm me right up. It was definitely filling, and extremely delicious.

What: Pork Belly with Pureed Peas

Where: Lisbon

Rating: 9/10. Amazing. Pork was tender, succulent, and delectable.

What: Seafood Stew

Where: Porto

Rating: 10/10. Could not even describe the delectability of this stew if I tried. All I can say is everyone needs this stew in their lives‼!

What: Codfish with Spinach

Where: Lagos

Rating: 8/10. The dish was very good, but I also recommend trying the Sea Bream (not photographed because I ate it too fast). It is another fish native to Portugal, which is also very delicious.

What: Oreo Gelato (you know I gotta have gelato everywhere I go!)

Where: Lisbon

Rating: 9/10. Obviously amazing, however I must say I like my Madrid gelato a tiny bit better!

What: Pinot Grigio

Where: Time Out Market in Lisbon

Rating: 10/10. Wine in Portugal is cheap and refined (a combination you don’t get just anywhere), which is a win-win for me! This was sweet and exquisite!

Side Note: If you ever travel to Lisbon, the Time Out Market is a MUST. All the food and drinks there are insanely good. You’ll thank me later. 

Savannah Fusaro