España Chronicles of a Foodie

Hola chicas! I am currently studying abroad in Madrid, Spain and have already fallen in love with the culture, people, and of course, the food (because we all know that is the most important part!). Below you will find pictures of a lot of the food I have eaten in Spain thus far (however a lot of meals I didn’t end up photographing as I consumed them too fast!). I wish I could virtually send all these amazing plates to America, but hopefully just seeing them will make you feel as though you are here with me! Disfruta! 


What: Chorizo Tortilla Patata

Where: Cadiz, Spain

Rating: 9/10. This is a classic Spanish dish. It was very hearty, flavorful, and delicious!

What: BBQ Pork Ribs, Spanish Style

Where: Seville, Spain

Rating: 10/10. Absolutely amazing. I mean just look at it!

What: Chocolate con Churros

Where: Madrid, Spain

Rating: 8/10. The chocolate was to die for, so warm and so rich. The churros on the other hand were a little bland. Still amazing. 

What: Nutella Gelato

Where: Madrid, Spain

Rating: 10000/10. Wow. Just wow. I’m probably gonna eat this everyday that I’m abroad.

What: Gofres con Chocolate y Crema (Waffles with Chocolate and Cream)

Where: Cadiz, Spain

Rating: 10/10. Absolutely incredible. The chocolate was perfect, waffle was crisp, and the cream tasted homemade. 

What: Rosé (All day!)

Where: Seville, Spain

Rating: Perfect. There’s no need to rate rosé. Rosé is always poppin. 

by Savannah Fusaro

Savannah Fusaro