We Are The Bridge

Our vision is

to redefine the online sphere into a positive and uplifting space for Black and Latina women.

Our mission is 

to build an online community for Black and Latina women through cross-cultural and cross-campus collaborations that celebrates their identities and allows them to reclaim agency over their narrative through creative expression.


Our Site

Here, you will find:

Creative Content / Immerse yourself in photography, poetry, written works, spoken word, dance, and every other talent that our staff has to offer. 

Current Content / Stay up to date on what is happening in our communities, both locally and globally, as our staff provides thoughtful reflections on current events.

Call to Action / "Let Us Not Forget": We urge our users to be cognizant of the world, including the tragedies that reside within its current structure. There is much to celebrate, but also much to grieve. It is here where we recognize that mourning can be an act of revolution.

Community / Get a holistic view on what it means to be a Black and/or Latina woman. We are not one monolith, one personality, one attitude, one image. We are dynamic, complex, and magnificent. Each member of our community is yet another beautiful reminder of this fact. 

Cross Campus Collaboration / Along with being an online platform, the Bridge has a tangible, physical presence. Each established "Bridge community" can be found huddled within a college campus where meetings, events, and other collaborative experiences are held. These college campuses not only experience the Bridge online, but through an intimate community of people who support one another.

Coalition Building / While the Bridge is a space for Black and Latina women, it welcomes all of those who support the mission. Whether it be through the work of bell hooks or Gloria Anzaldúa, the importance of coalition building is reiterated. Our "Solidarity" page allows anyone who supports the cause to submit work built from an understanding of a history. Through these submissions it is our hope that each party gains a better understanding of one another.

Opportunities / This is a movement. It is our goal to lift one another up. The Opportunities tab not only supports local events going on, but also informs users of upcoming opportunities such as scholarships, internships, and more. We also provide more information on our application process! Join the team!