Adventures in Adulting Pt. 2

I have often been told, “Asia, I wish I was more like you.” I received these comments because I am confident. I am not afraid to talk to guys, I dance carefree in public, etc. These are some of my simple tips on how to become a more confident person.


  1. Get Naked.

I developed a ritual of looking at myself naked before taking a shower. This is how I started to accept what I saw in the mirror. I believe it is crucial for everyone to accept their God-given beauty. What better way to do this than to get naked?


    2. Positive Affirmations.

Tell yourself that you are capable of accomplishing your goals whether that be accepting your natural beauty or getting your first internship. The more you tell yourself something, the more you come to believe it.


    3. Stop Comparing.

The death of confidence comes from comparing yourself to others. You were made to be you and nobody else. Comparing yourself to someone else is an automatic loss because you can never be them. Why would you want to be?


    4. Compliment Others.

By speaking positively to others, it helps you think positively about yourselves. Oftentimes when you compliment someone, they compliment you back. Double win.


   5. Challenge Yourself.

I have been on a mission challenging myself to do things that I don’t think I am capable of or will do well in. When I succeed in them, I have confidence when I face new challenges. I passed a graduate-level class last semester, so I know I can survive beginner level computer science this semester.


   6. Prayer.

I pray about absolutely everything. It helps to ease my bouts of self-doubt. Ultimately, I know that God got me and that everything will be alright in the end.


Peace and love,



Asia Moore