Dear Grandmother

Letter to my heart and soul:

Dear Grandmother,
Did I ever tell you that your mouth dances as you laugh?
You can hear the music through each breath
How could you give a lullaby with just one kiss?
Please tell me


Last night I prayed you would see me graduate
I know I said this same prayer for high school
And I know I am selfish but please God let her stay a little while longer
I know this is selfish of me
But I still have to hear your melodies
When you say my name
Sing me your love song
On piano keys and guitars strings
Let each note vibrate through the ghost of sir
It gets too silent here at Duke
And sometimes I just need to hear your harmonies to get through the day


I am still scared to hear the trumpets
When I know the lord has taken you home
Angels in choir
With the soft lull of a cello
And it’s selfish I know but I still want to learn your favorite color


You say that's all but I don’t believe you
There must be more
And who was your first love
And do you love the rain
I have saved all your voice mails from since my senior year of high school and though my mailbox keeps getting full I refuse to delete them


Cause the light hum of your voice makes me smile
I know this is a bit selfish
But please don’t leave yet
I’ll be back soon
And we will laugh the way birds fill the sky with their sound
It gets so silent here without you
And though you swear you can’t sing I just want to hear your voice
That alone is a song
So please don’t leave me
Please stay a while

by Ashley Croker-Benn

Ashley Croker-Benn