More Scratch Poems


A saguaro cactus grows 40-60 feet tall.

On it lie white, plush flowers

And during the angry summer,

Ruby red fruit.


The Maestro

Silence signals the continuation

Or the end of my melody.

It is the pause in a musical piece

That dictates the noise thereafter

Or the outpouring of more



Crack Through


no metamorphosis

Comes easy.



With or without


I am

(with) my greatest ally

(without) and my greatest enemy.


Trilogy about Men, Mountains and Love

Part 1: Mountain Top

A mountain top kind of love.

It takes us

Above reality,

Above caution and logic.

High altitudes, new dimensions.


Part 2: Atypical

He’s not like the others.

He is the brave hiker who took the risk.

He has no fear of

Sitting on the edge of my cliffs.

He says it is a dangerous yet beautiful view.

Says that he wants to see all of

My meadows bloom.


Part 3: Gardener

He plants seeds of trust,


Sweet honey apple trees.


Ashley Sapp