It is ALL About the FAITH by Sascha Enders

Inspired by Lisa Enders Tunstall

Robert Murray McCheyne‐Comfort in Sorrow. “Urgency in prayer does not so much consist in vehement pleading, as in vehement believing. He that believes most the love and power of Jesus will obtain most in prayer. Trusting in Jesus’ love for us and His ability to do that which we cannot do for ourselves must be central to our turning to God for help. Concentrating on God’s unwavering love for us, concentrating on God’s power Holy Ghost power working on our behalf is essential to sustaining our faith in God..even when prayers seemingly go unanswered and when voices in the world around us confront us with their doubts.

Even when our faith falters. Even when we struggle with doubts... we must go to Jesus Christ. Go to God and be truthful. Tell Him how we feel and then place our lives fully in His hands, believing that whatever happens His love for us is true and steadfast. “God does not command me to believe in this or that promise of Christ; He tells me I must believe in the Lord Jesus Himself Himself.” (Tom Wells, “Take Heart”)

“At times it’s hard to overcome our unbelief when we are overwhelmed with a particular problem. And really, it’s only through the power and love of Jesus Christ that we are able to do so." (David C. Cook, The Gift of Faith [Studies in Mark & Luke, Vol. 131, No.3; March, April, May 2016])

What does God see when He looks at me?

In spite of doubts, fears and frailties, Christ sees my purpose and potentialities. Through Jesus Christ I have God's DNA and I’m a daughter of The King, I’m royalty. God has gifted me with Holy Ghost fruit and abilities, I shall be all that God created me to be.

What does God see when He looks at me?

He sees a reflection of His love that is deeper than the sea. By His grace through faith I am free to be all God has created me to be. I’m walking in God’s power and authority, and I’m determined to walk in divine destiny.
I’m  a woman of faith and through Christ I am free!