Chronicles of a Foodie: Ya Girl Can Cook Y'all!

Hello beautiful women! So, I recently moved into my first apartment not too long ago, and I’ve been channeling my inner Ayesha Curry: cheffin’ and whippin’ it up! I may be biased, but I think I am pretty good for the less than extensive experience that I have in the kitchen. The great thing about cooking is that all you have to do is find a recipe online for what you’re craving, go to the store, buy the ingredients, and violá! You’re basically a chef! Here are some of the dishes I’ve been cooking, and I’ve included the recipes so ya’ll can be the next Rachel Ray or Wolfgang Puck!


What: Thai Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon with Lemon Garlic Sautéed Broccoli

Recipe: Salmon - Broccoli -

Savannah Says: Looking for healthy, delicious, AND easy!?! Look no further than this recipe! It is definitely a regular go to for me


What: BBQ Chicken Pizza


Savannah Says: This is the easiest recipe ever. And it’s delicious. I couldn’t find naan at my local grocery store, so I used the refrigerated premade pizza dough, and it was fabulous!


What: Steak and Pineapple Kebobs with Onions and Red Pepper


Savannah Says: SO. GOOD. Literally what more could you want. The grilled pineapple complements the steak so perfectly. It truly is a little piece of culinary heaven, and is a must try if you are a foodie like moi!


What: Mexican Street Corn


Savannah Says: You will never look at corn the same after you make it the Mexican Street style way! I didn’t add the mayonnaise, sour cream, or queso fresco that the recipe called for, but you can see it still turned out so bomb, so healthy, and it truly slayed. This corn was living its best life once I cooked it.


What: Mojito


Savannah Says: Ever since I turned 21, mojito making has been a true passion. I even got a mint plant to supply all my mojito making needs! And for all you lucky people that have experienced my signature mojitos, now you too can make it yourselves! I’m sharing my mojito recipe here because I love ya’ll so much, and know that you deserve only the best mojitos in life. Cheers!


Savannah Fusaro