Yum Yum Bubble Gum : A Comprehensive Review


5. Juicy Fruit

Slogan: “The taste is gonna move ya”

Yeah so the taste is not gonna move you, it's gonna move you to want to remove the taste from your mouth. This gum literally lasts 5 minutes I kid you not. I’m not sure how it is possible to enjoy a piece of gum that has virtually no flavor after the first chew. While it’s clever packaging and a mouthwatering title (you would expect something juicy and fruity to be well…those two things), Juicy Fruit just does not deliver. Comes in a pack of 15 for $1.39 at Duke Store



4. Hubba Bubba

Slogan: “a whole new kind of bubble”

One thing that Hubba Bubba has going for it is the truthfulness of its slogan. This gum comes in giant cube form, hence the 5-piece packaging. Because of the size of each piece, it is much easier to make a bubble with this gum, in fact all of the photos featured in this piece were done using Hubba Bubba. Unfortunately, that’s all that this brand has going for it. No flavor, no long lasting experience, and no enjoyment. Just the opportunity to blow some pretty big bubbles.

Comes in a pack of 5 pieces in 1 pack for 75 cents at the Duke Store



3. Extra

Slogan: “an extraordinary flavor experience”

The classic Wrigley’s Extra gum. An American favorite, beloved by people across the nation. While yes, this gum is one of the first brands I think of when someone mentions gum, it neither takes my breath away nor makes me want to spit it out, hence its ranking of a 3. A solid candidate, Extra is reliable and a great choice for a moderate/non-picky gum chewer just looking for something to tide you over. Comes in a pack of 15 for $1.39 at Duke Store



2. Stride

Slogan: “The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum”

This slogan is not a lie, let me tell you that. This gum lasts quite a long time, definitely more than two class periods at least. The time it takes for the intense flavor burst that occurs at first chew to tone down is a long time. You could say this gum has a strong latency and will be flavorful for you for just enough time. Comes in a pack of 14 for $1.39 at Duke Store



1.5 Gum

Slogan: “Stimulate your senses”

I’m not sure what senses they’re trying to stimulate but it works, bringing 5 Gum to the number one spot in this review. While this brand is a bit overhyped there are some flavors that are both considerably tasty and long-lasting. In my opinion, straying away from the original peppermint (blue) and spearmint (green) flavors makes for a better experience. Flavors like Winter Mint and React Mint (the truth or dare sticks) are the most intense and long-lasting, so next time you’re in need of a quick after lunch breathe fix, try 5! Comes in a pack of 15 for $1.39 at Duke Store.