My best friend claims she’s a life curator.

When I ask her what that means, she says she’s taking life as it comes and picking what to pay attention to.

My best friend is also an artist, primed to draw parallels between the seemingly mundane and observe the world with more scrutiny than most would. She grabs pieces of what she sees and hears and turns these pieces into beautiful work.

I contemplate this idea of “curating life” and realize you don’t need to be artistically inclined to do it.

To be a life curator means to actively decide what to give meaning to.

It involves the simply act of looking. Looking at your life, seeing it happen. Realizing, “shit”, it’s telling you something.

The simple act of stopping. Taking a break from the checklist and putting the rat race to rest. When you’re constantly running there is no time for being.

And to be is one of the greatest gifts we get. To be awakened by one’s sense of being pushes you to actively engage with the world.

To be awakened by one’s sense of being also means being reminded that often, it’s just you, yourself and the stories you invent in your mind.

This can either make you painfully uncomfortable, or can inspire you twist and mend the world in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

And, with this newfound sense of being one with the world, you realize something very important:

The world would very different without you if you weren’t there.

So piece the mundane together. Weave the occurrences of everyday life into a thread that screams “you”.

Curate life and make it beautiful.   



*Everything in italics has been taken and “curated” from different conversations I’ve had in the past few weeks and things I’ve read.