True Woman

To the phenomenal woman,

The scarred-heart woman

Of continuous tough breaks and heartaches.


Broken-hearted woman,

I want to confess

A secret only you can understand.


You are like water,

Splashing through hell only to be unscathed.


You are stronger than fire,

As grand as a burning phoenix.

Never ceasing to rebuild when broken.


You are brighter than sunlight,

Showcasing true beauty every time you move.

Not just physical attributes, but the brilliance within a woman of promise.


As calming as fresh air

You blow through the wind

Of trials and tribulations that should not be your own.


No one knows about the pain you face

Because each day you radiate with a smile of elegance and grace.


No, you did not deserve your inherited struggles

Or the lessons disguised as blessings.

But these things defined you, created you, molded you, and carved you,

Forming you into the woman you are today.


Pain is not given to the weak as

Betrayal is not presented to the rotten.

And yes, I understand the confusion

Because as a real woman, lovely woman, your pain is not uncorrupted.


But here,

Some words to help make sense of this incessant sting that never seems to end until you become mean.


You were meant to be courageous.

Your strength is more important than you.

This power within is needed by the women whom you have yet to meet.


Your daughters and nieces will need your backbone,

Knowing to never give in or give out when

Life’s challenges do not let up for your beauty or goodness.


Remember who you do this for and why you have to persevere.

Because true women are never given the easy burdens,

But constantly accept tasks built for the strongest of men.