You heard what Malcolm said

The most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person in America is the black woman.


You heard what Maya Angelou said

“I’m a woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that’s me”


So WHY am I the most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person in America?


You see as a black woman it is hard for me to understand

Because I practically birthed this land

I raised your great great great grandfather and I was a slave

So why do I have to prove myself TIMES 2 to the:

White folks, to the men folks, to the white women folks, and to my own black folks

Yes, men and women because my black men seem to prefer a whiter skin

And my black women are tearing each other down so only one can wear the crown


Why do I have to always have to channel my inner Beyoncé and make lemonade from lemons?

As if it was my prerogative

As if it was my choice to put the weight of the world on my bare shoulders

So since I carry the weight

Allow me to set a few things straight:


To the white folks

No you cannot touch my kinky curly hair

You can’t say “ew look at her lips and her thighs” and go manipulate your body so that you can enjoy my natural divines

And you definitely can’t befriend me and say that you are for me but when another black life is slain from police brutality you won’t even stand with me in solidarity.


To the white men folks

No you cannot control ever ounce of America

P.S: I am the First Lady of America. I run America.

And P.P.S: I am currently the most educated group in the United States

Though my pay is not a reflection of my progression

But don’t worry, that too will soon change.


To the white women folks

No I am not cute or sassy

I am beautiful and passionate

I am not your little pet,

I am your boss

So call me by my professional title or not at all.


To my black men

I am the Lavish Reynolds

I am the woman that loves you

I am the woman who will protect you

I am the woman that will fight for you because it seems the world is a tad bit confused on why black men need to be saved from a system that wasn’t meant to protect him.

But now you need to save me and our black family

Because 72% of black children are born to single mothers

And all I do is ask why me?


And to my beautiful black women

The ones too black for the white folks

And the ones too white for the black folks

We are still one because our story is the same

We possess the same amount of black girl magic

That makes people go insane

So excuse me as I quote Jesse Williams and say “Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we aren’t real”


It’s just that America wasn’t ready for someone who has

a style of grace, breasts that ride, the smile like the sun

And a motto of “I ain’t neva tied”.


We have a walk so cool,

lips that curl,

eyes of fire,

and can still carry the unwarranted weight

of the world.


And so to the average American these things may appear to be supernatural

But to a black woman these just come natural


So believe me and Malcolm when we say:

You are to respect this black girl magic.

Protect this black girl magic.

And never ever neglect this black girl magic.