Chronicles of a Foodie: I Love to Wine

I think it is no surprise that I love wine. I love red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, bubbly wine, wine with orange juice, wine with food, wine after a hard day, wine after a good day, and wine just because. Literally there is always an occasion for wine! And if you are a wine lover like me, I have a fun new hobby for you to try – visiting vineyards and wineries! At every winery, you can purchase a tasting of 6-10 different wines for less than $10, and keep the glass (most of the time)! Below are some of the wineries and vineyards that I have visited over the past couple of months in North Carolina and Virginia. You will love to wine after this article too

Chateau Morrisette

Floyd, Virginia


This place has character! The owner and his dog, Hans, started this winery together, and it has been a favorite of Virginians since 1978. Hans even drank some of the wine himself! This winery is located on the Blue Ridge Highway, and is truly so beautiful. The wines are on the sweeter side and absolutely delicious! Bonus: You can buy these wines at your local Kroger! 


Ronda, North Carolina


This place is gorgeous! Located in Western North Carolina with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background, this Italian style vineyard looks like you are in Tuscany! The red wines are specialty here, and full of flavor. I would absolutely recommend this gem!

Virginia Mountain Vineyards

Fincastle, Virginia


This vineyard is located in someone’s backyard! Yes, the owners bought land and planted some vines themselves to make their home a personal wine paradise! There are a good variety of wines here, and it is in a very peaceful and quaint setting.


Asheville, North Carolina

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.01.10 AM.png

If you really want to drank, look no further than the Biltmore! Upon purchasing tickets to visit the estate, the winery tastings are complementary and last as long as you like! Can’t decide? They encourage you to keep dranking!


Roanoke, Virginia


Valhalla means heaven on earth in Nordic. And it sure lives up to its name! Located on top of the mountains overlooking the cities of Virginia, this place makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Both because of the elevation and because of the exquisite wine! This is a must see place, simply spectacular!

 Divine Llama

East Bend, North Carolina


Do you like wine? Do you like llamas? Look no further than the Divine Llama Vineyards! Yes, you can truly have it all at this vineyard. Spend the afternoon drinking wine and frolicking among the llamas: an experience like no other!





Savannah Fusaro