Untitled Autobiography

Title? Undecided.

Plot? Incomplete.

Purpose? Uncertain.

Missing pages, blurred lines.

Sadly, no reading glasses

Can reveal internal visions.


Everyone has,

Needs, and wants.

Outside opinions

Influence your decisions,

But the pen

Only works in your hands.

Third-person point of view is

Incapable of capturing


Your story.


Full of pain and laughter,

Memories and dreams.

First steps, first words,

Scraped knees and cavities,

Sunday dinners, family stories.

Walks down the road

Leading to a conclusion

That remains unknown.


Your story


May not be finished,

But you know

This will be your greatest work.

Develop it at your discretion.

The only thing you will own forever.


I can assure you

That being born, being you,

Is the best decision you never had to make.

Hailey Mason