Valentine's Day

I've never celebrated Valentine's Day, not because I have any pessimism towards the holiday, but because I've never had a true valentine. This year, I'll be spending Valentine's day at a hibachi dinner with my other single "sisters" which I'm looking forward to. I love Valentine's Day simply because this is the one day that most hate is hidden in the world and instead, love is shown tenfold. I get to see lover's creativity in the gifts they give and things they do to express their love for one another and watch endless romantic movies without being judged. Do I wish I was in a relationship? Honestly, I'm not a very patient person but when it comes to love, I'm very cautious and patient. That being said, I'm happy being single because who can love me better than myself? Once I find the answer to that question, once I find someone who is in love with me more than myself, then maybe I'll spend Valentine's Day with someone other than my friends.



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