I close the clasp on my necklace like the year closes on itself,

uneventful and second nature.

As the months left dwindle down to days left, I find myself once again

looking for the bigger picture

But all I see is my impulsivity manifested on the walls

Through the orange-pink mixture


I cannot help but think about who I was

Quiet and timid

My room is a clear reflection of it

Nothing out of place like opinions in its space

In my mind

And I dwell on it for a while longer


My hometown brings back memories

That sadden me to think

That I once lost myself

Walked over to the brink

Of the end

Because I wanted to please others


My room reminds me of the girl

Who could not say a word

Because her mother had held

Against her back a sword

That forced her

To be what her mother wanted


All that is mine is in a suitcase

In the corner of the room

Filled enough for a short visit

Before the thought would consume

Me to think

This is where I belong


I long for my space back at college

My home away from home

The place I decorated so nicely

To represent me and where I roam

All my dreams

Found in books piled on tables


College has become my own

And I don´t seem to mind

What it has been doing to me

It has been so kind


Is what I call my freedom

Kenia Ruiz